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Words left unspoken.

Geng Hao
I'm awkward by nature & generally optimistic. I bask in solitude - that's when I can truly do things in a comfortably unreserved manner without a care for keeping up with a pace. I please people when I should and occasionally, when I want to, but I'm usually the one who waits for an initiation. I'm usually at a loss of words, but I can speak eloquently enough to save my life. I'm talkative only among people who share the same interests as me, but unfortunately such are few. I'm a stubborn perfectionist & am very particular down to the nitty-gritty. Despite having lofty ambitions, I find little motivation as I keep my feet on the ground. I'm part-dreamer, part-realist. In fact, I'm half of this and half of that when it comes to a lot of things.